Word 2010

Getting footnote text to stay on the same page as the footnote itself

An issue that has confronted me many times is a situation where someone marks a footnote on a particular page and then types the text for the footnote and Word splits the text across that page and the next page. I researched this issue and found a fix on the internet. Here it is. Select at least the paragraph that the footnote is marked in. Click the Paragraph Dialog Launcher. Now click on the Indents and Spacing tab and then set the line spacing to some exact amount of points. A fair guide is 12-14 points for single spacing and 24-28 points to simulate double spacing. That should pull the footnote text onto the one page. It is a well documented issue with Word since Word 2003.  As long as I am talking to you about footnotes I thought I would make sure you know how to display the footnote pane in Word 2010. First switch to draft mode by clicking the View Tab, Document Views Group, Draft button. Then click the References Tab, Footnotes Group, and click Show Notes. You will now see the footnotes in the Footnote pane.


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